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Our mission is to keep the party alive without drugs. We give FREE wristbands to party people to show the world we care. If you want this cool wristband, just contact us thru: twitter @KeepPartyAlive or email us partynodrugs@gmail.com. We would jump into different parties to give you KEEP THE PARTY ALIVE wristbands. Make sure you stay informed!

THERE IS NO RULE! Just come to our event, meet us and you will be a part of KEEP THE PARTY ALIVE generation!

We also accept donation to help drugs victims.

Let them be the last slave of drugs!!!



#DrugsVictim Daniel Baldwin


American actor, producer and director Daniel Baldwin was arrested in 2006 for “borrowing” a friend’s SUV… without permission. And that was just what led to this mugshot. He looks pretty rough here, but we’re sure all of the cocaine didn’t help. He’d been arrested before for smashing his Thunderbird into several parked cars going 80 MPH, as well as other drug related charges.

#DrugsVictim Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey was arrested in 1999 after a neighbor called the police complaining about loud music blasting from the actor’s house. He was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. See his smug grin? He’s probably thinking about how much fun he was having dancing around his house naked and playing the bongos when the cops stopped by.

#DrugsVictim Robert Downey Jr


The mugshot on the left of everyone’s favorite star Robert Downey Jr. was taken in 1999 — while he was already serving time on a drug conviction. The one on the right was taken a year later in 2000 after his arrest at the Merv Griffin Resort for drug possession. To say the least, he needed help. Although we love the face he’s making in the left shot — like he was proud of himself — we’re glad he got help and is now able to give us amazing movie experiences again.

#DrugsVictim David Bowie


Music legend David Bowie was arrested in March of 1976 on a felony pot possession charge. He was nabbed along with his friend Iggy Pop, along with a few others, and was placed in a Monroe County, NY jail for a few hours. The Thin White Duke was only 29 at the time, but his mugshot oozes utter badassery that we can’t ignore. Seriously, the guy looks better in jail than most of us can ever hope for.

#DrugsVictim Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

Academy Award-winning actress and fitness guru Jane Fonda was arrested in 1970 at an airport. Apparently, she had a large stash of pills in her baggage — which turned out to bevitamins. Resisting arrest, she kicked a police officer on the scene and was taken to a Cleveland jail. We love this mugshot because of her “f the man” attitude. The greatest part about this one was that she stuck to her guns.


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